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Brno City Museum


Špilberk 1
Entry fee 20 CZK covers a castle tour and a visit to the permanent exhibitions, free entry to the ramparts and the courtyards. Please have the exact amount ready.

Permanent and temporary exhibitions
Open until 23.00, ticket sale until 22.00

The Casemates
Brno on Špilberk
Criminal Investigation in Photographs

Playful activities with a chance to win are part of the visit

Great Castle Courtyard
18.00–24.00 Programme prepared by the Agentura REX with financial support by the City of Brno focusing on dance, fencing and medieval costumes.
18.00 Deadly Game / fencing and a theatrical performance – The Hermit
18.45 REX / A tournament – children’s competitions
19.30 Marriage  / a play with dances – The Hermit
20.15 Hollóének Hungarica / medieval bagpipe ensemble from Hungary
21.00 Deadly Game / fencing and a theatrical performance – The Hermit
21.45 REX / competition for adults – A Royal Castle
22.30 Marriage / a play with dances – The Hermit
23.15 Hollóének Hungarica / medieval bagpipe ensemble from Hungary
23.45 REX/ Sword and Fire - REX and guests

In all courtyards an old-style market with historical goods, crafts and ample refreshments

South-eastern Bastion
18.00–23.00 A stroll through South-Moravian vineyards with the Moravian Wine Bank – wine tasting

Historical period realities – prison life, Baroque fortress building
Crying of prisoners in the dark dungeons of the Špilberk prison– VHK Erika Brno

Royal Chapel
Presentation of the forthcoming exhibitions by the Brno City Museum. Secondary School of Art and Design, Style and Fashion and the Higher Vocational School Brno will present their restoration and fashion design streams. You will see examples of restoring ceramics, painting, furniture, wood cutting and creative design and stage costumes

Square Tower
19.30, 21.30, 22.30 Žakéři – a performance by the historical music ensemble

Ogilvy Lecture Hall
20.00, 21.00, 22.00 A play by A. P. Chekhov Courtship performed by the Divadlo Na dlani theatre company. A comedy about the courtship of two unbearably possessive, mean and hard-headed people, accompanied by the bride’s father who has similar traits to the newlyweds. The main subjects are greed, miserliness, quarrelling and hard-headedness

Gothic Hall in the Small Courtyard
19.30, 21.30 A dramatized story by Milena Fucimanová Eustach performed by the AGADIR Theatre of Music and Poetry. A story of life and death amidst the alienated world describes an unusual relationship of a man and a Siamese cat which goes beyond ordinary human experience. The story is taken from the book Nárazový tón zvonu A1, which together with a CD will be ceremonially christened after the performance and sent to its readers.

Small Courtyard
The Baroque pharmacy of the Cloister of St Elisabeth in the Small Courtyard – publications on sale at reduced prices

South-western Bastion
18.00–24.00 Observation point of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, where a large astronomical telescope will be positioned in clear weather. You can observe, for example, Jupiter’s Moons, Saturn’s rings or the Moon’s craters!

Western Courtine
18.00–22.00 Horse and pony riding for children

Toy museum, The Měnínská Gate
Měnínská 7

Admission fee 20 CZK. Please have the exact amount ready.
Open 18.00–23.00. Last entry at 22.30
Entry to the exhibition is limited to 30 persons at a time

Permanent exhibition of historical toys from the collection of Milada Kollárová

Muzeum | by Dr. Radut