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Moravian Museum

Admission fee of 20 CZK covers entry to all the Moravian Museum’s buildings in Brno during the Brno Museum Night. Advance sale of tickets from 1. 5. 2014 at all box-offices of the Moravian Museum (free entry to ZTP card holders and for children up to 130 cm tall)
All the permanent exhibitions are open throughout the duration of the Brno Museum Night

Bishop’s Court
Muzejní 1

Fauna in Moravia, Aquarium of Freshwater Fishes, Mushroom Models by Josef Rulíšek


6th Salon of the Artists Medal Designers Association 2013
19.00, 20.30, 22.00 Guided tour of the exhibition

18.00–23.00 WWII military camp/ guides in period uniforms, exhibition of original military equipment
18.00–23.00 Exhibition of original period weapons
18.00–23.00 Exhibition of 15 models of WWII military equipment at 1:6 scale (weight up to 100 kg)
18.00–23.00 Mini Navy Club Midway / presentation of models of ships, aircraft, submarines and tanks from the Battle of Midway

EXKLUSIVE! D-DAY – 70th anniversary of the Allies disembarkation in Normandy
18.15–18.30 Tank battle / simulated tank battle of original large models with sound and pyrotechnic effects

18.30, 19.30, 20.30, 21.30 Mr. Swing / swing and dance music from the 1930s and 1940s. A performance to mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of Glenn Miller

Changes reserved in case of adversary weather conditions

Historical Hall
18.00–24.00Presentation of a project of the visitors’ centre Mendelianum – The Attractive World of Genetics
19.00, 20.00, 21.00 Lumír / a concert by the choir to mark the 150th anniversary of its foundation

21.30–23.00 The chapel with Renaissance frescos opened for the museum night only

Zelný trh 8

The Vanished Life in Moravia, Moravian Prehistory, Great Moravia, Moravia in the Middle Ages, The World of Minerals

Lecture Room
18.30–22.00 The Argentine Tango / dance show, workshop, live music

The MZM souvenir shop and the Air café are open throughout the duration of the museum night

Noble Women’s Palace
Kobližná 1

The World of the Mysterious Balts. The Baltic Before the Balts. From St. Adalbert of Prague to the Jagiellon Dynasty
Baltic Salon /Latvian gloves
Amulets / students’ exhibition

18.00–21.00 Backstage View of Museum Work/example of the conservation technology of a wooden sculpture
19.00, 21.00 The World of the Mysterious Balts / guided tour of the exhibition
20.00 The World of the Mysterious Balts / guided tour of the exhibition for the deaf

Anthropos Pavilion
Pisárecká 5

Moravia of Hunters and Gatherers, The Earliest Art in Europe, Palaeolithic Technologies, Genetics in the Development of Man, The Story of Humankind, Primates – Our Family

Adventures in Africa through the Eyes of Travellers
Zdeněk Burian: He Saw the Bygone Worlds …

18.00, 22.00 Music workshop of the South-Moravian regional centre for the integration of foreigners / learning about cultural differences through a music workshop experience
18.00–24.00 African Stand / sale of small objects from Kenya (jewellery, handbags, shoes) and support for the project of the Amani Kibera non-profit organization
18.30–21.30 The Onotopude music ensemble will accompany the tour of the permanent exhibitions on the origins of man and the earliest culture by ethno music and shamanic drumming
18.00–24.00 A pair of yurts with a tearoom and a big art workshop for children, music, culture with African motifs, DJ (area in front of the pavilion)

Leoš Janáček Memorial
Smetanova 14

The Life and Work of Leoš Janáček

18.00 Screening of the animated version of Leoš Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen (BBC 2003) and drawing on the Cunning Little Vixen theme / programme for children
20.00 Vach’s Choir of Moravian Female Teachers / folk songs adapted by Czech and Moravian composers
21.00 A concert by Cantus et Cordis /Czech and English songbooks from the17th–18th century (Zuzana Černá – singer, Marek Kubát – lute)
22.00 Screening of the film Leoš Janáček – A Documentary about His Life and Work (director: Jaromil Jireš)

Muzeum | by Dr. Radut